Volunteer with MAT

Do you like to have the POWER?

Be a Tech Operator!
  • Run sound and light cues from the booth leading up to and during performances.
  • Crank out the smoke or set off the pyro in some shows.
  • Maintain communication with stage manager during performances via headset.

Do you like to sew or create wearables?

Costuming is a great fit for you!
  • Design, create, sew - every show has costumes to be built. 
  • Create out-of-the-norm and period pieces and use more than just fabrics!   
  • Build from the ground up and adapt what we have. It’s a little or a lot of everything depending on the show! 

Do you love woodworking, carpentry or interior design? 

Set Construction is made for you!
  • Share your experience with power tools, painting, and design!
  • Creative thinking to "figure out" how to build set pieces is a plus!
  • No experience is needed - just a willingness to jump in and learn.

Do you like hunting for treasures or creating unique objects?

Help with Props!
  • Put your creativity and ingenuity to work building and adapting various props! 
  • Shopping and building - both skill sets are needed.

Do you have a knack for organization and order?

Run the show as a Stage Manager!
  • Attend all rehearsals and production meetings.
  • Record all blocking/script changes during rehearsals.
  • Follow script closely to prompt actors with lines as needed and record line notes during rehearsals.
  • Facilitate communication between all entities.
  • Check set, props, costumes throughout run and reporting any issues promptly as needed.  
  • Call all technical cues during performances.
  • You run the show and there is a small stipend available!

Have you ever wondered how all these parts work together?

Join the Running Crew!
  • Move set pieces on and off stage.
  • Open curtains.
  • Help actors with props and costumes.
  • Facilitate all the backstage magic!