Looking Forward

Playwright Summary

A man in prison tells his story.

May not be suitable for all ages.

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"This is written in a way that if performed correctly really will engage the audience. It is gripping, raw, and feels real. The trick will be in maintaining that tension and edginess throughout a full length play....would love to see how the author does that!"

"With the heavy exposition, this feels more like a novel's beginning than a script."

"A lot of memorizing for one person."

"It stalled a bit in the poetic moments at front, but then it quickly picked up. With the beginning I was quickly able to understand why the juveniles were getting ‘bored’ at the message, and then I really became invested in his origin story of finding out that he wasn’t really a ‘beloved’ and an outcast from his own mother. I think this could be a very thought-provoking play and I’m interested to see where it goes."

"There's a huge amount of exposition at the start by the "Speaker" which might be simply too much. I'm afraid that you'll lose the audience. It also seems a bit heavy-handed - like you're trying too hard. Relax a little and let the story be told. I'm wondering what the "message' eventually is going to be."

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