Little Known Facts About Me

Playwright Summary

Adult Lee looks back on the fragments of his life that have haunted and shaped him. Walk (sometimes run) with him as he shares the tragic, lonely, and sometimes amazing moments in his life growing up. (This is a musical script and varies from the template.)

Suitable for all ages.

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"I love the first 5 pages......specifically the opening of the boys locked in the closet and how they entertain and comfort each other.......If possible I think it may have a greater impact if it were always told from what the children actually maybe the cps scene told by Lee as the foster parents were telling them about their decision to foster in a way that allows Lee to express how he felt about it. Just a thought. I love that this would be done as a musical....haunting and triumphant!"

"Child abuse and neglect are heavy topics. How will the lines in bold be delivered? Will they be sung?"

"Definitely makes me wonder what's coming."

"This is going to be powerful and emotional; it may be hard for some audience members. The script has me though. "

I like the gritty feel of the script so far, which is necessary to tell this story. I would very much like to hear the music (are you writing that as well?) and how it helps convey this story. While things are still somewhat rough (which is to be expected at this point) I see a really good start. I'm curious as to what is going to happen with these 'children.'"

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