First Five Pages Project

The scripts have been submitted!

MAT asked playwrights who’ve started scripts to submit the first five pages (only) along with a character list and setting description. We received 10 scripts and have posted them below for review.

Each script page has an embedded reader, a download link if you prefer to read them as pdf files, and a survey about the script. All scripts and feedback are anonymous. Help emerging playwrights develop their writing!

What it is that We Do

A fetish club and its owner forever change the lives of a young couple, introducing them to the deepest, darkest, sexiest parts of themselves.

The Princess of Slapping

A princess, known for her bad temper resulting from the teasing of others who thought her ugly, is kidnapped by a neighboring kingdom. A brave pig boy comes to her rescue, helping her discover her own strength, bravery, and inner light.


Rankin follows the story of Jeanette Rankin’s first year in Congress from voting no to the first world war, fighting for better working conditions, and taking on the Copper industry.

House of the Deaf Man

A fictional story about the life and work of Francisco Goya – a Spanish painter – enthralled with a woman out of his reach and horrified by the world he saw around him.

Countdown to Death

Noah wakes up with a strange date on his write that magically keeps changing. He seeks Madame Roma’s help to find the person who has cursed him.

The Rankins

Brother and sister, Wellington and Jeannette Rankin, move through life as a team, although each has quite different motivations and political views.

Not Fade Away

A Vietnam vet, haunted by the disappearance of his beloved sister when he was nine years old, meets her 30 years later….

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