Spring into the Past Festival Preview

June 7, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

Festival Preview

Produced by The Atchison Family

A history-inspired festival of food, drink and entertainment!

Montana Actors’ Theatre presents a new event in Havre! For the first time, a Renaissance-themed “faire” will take place in the SUB on the MSUN campus. Friday’s event will feature a preview of the full festival activities beginning at 5pm. Vendors will offer food, beer and wine, historical crafts and trades, demonstrations and generally a fun time! We will also feature a Home Brew Contest with fantastic prizes. In addition, at 7 pm each night, MAT will present Cyrano de Bergerac. The classic, tragic story of the soulful poet/philosopher and expert duelist Cyrano who loves the fair Roxanne, but is ashamed to woo her because of his huge nose. Instead he writes love letters for slow-witted, but handsome Christian in order to win her hand for him. She falls deeply in love with the author, but doesn’t know they were written by her friend Cyrano. Cyrano is a swashbuckling comedy of love, swordplay and poetry directed by Grant Olson. Starring Jay Pyette as Cyrano, Casey Pratt as Le Bret, Tylyn Turner as Roxanne and introducing Stephen Real as Christian, this tale will certainly be a crowd-pleaser.

Free for all! But we’ll gladly accept donations of any amount to help us present this family-friendly event! Business Sponsorships also available. Please consider donating or sponsoring today by clicking here!


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