Tim Solomon

Mayor, City of Havre

"MAT is such an asset to our small town, delighting community members from every walk of life.  We recently attended a Christmas Panto where the kids were encouraged to participate and many will be lifelong theatre goers because of this wonderful experience.   Havre has a great appreciation for performing arts and that is because of the work MAT does locally.  They bring together businesses, individuals, schools and the university to ensure that we are able to maintain this rich culture.  MAT truly is a benefit of living in Havre, Montana."

Paul Tuss

Executive Director, Bear Paw Development Corporation

"Any community serious about business growth and being a good place to raise a family is also serious about the arts.  The Montana Actors Theatre brings a richness to our area that contributes significantly toward the quality of life we lead in northern Montana.  I support the MAT because it enriches my life, but also because it makes my job as a professional economic developer that much easier in promoting our region as a fantastic place to start or expand a business."

Jody Olson

Executive Director, Havre chamber of Commerce

"MAT is invaluable to Havre and our community. Tourists come from all around to attend MAT events, bringing dollars to our local businesses, restaurants and hotels. They provide a creative space for both adults and children that is very attractive to people looking to relocate here. MAT greatly improves the image of Havre with their amazing productions making people feel more confident about investing in our community."

Gregory D. Kegal

Chancellor, MSU-Northern

"MSU-Northern has had the privilege of hosting the Montana Actors Theater (MAT) on our campus for the last 20 years.  With MAT being a community operated organization, Northern reaps the benefits of outside involvement with those that attend and those that participate.  MAT has an outstanding reputation and consequently the ability to attract audiences from across the state to our Little Theater for their productions.  The theater brings culture, diversity, and enjoyment to the Northern Plains of Montana.  We're thankful to have this relationship."

Neil Moisey

 Provost, MSU-Northern

"MAT is a very important component of our educational programs at MSUN. Goal three of our campus strategic goals is to increase student engagement  MAT plays a key role in helping achieve that goal through educational opportunities and performances."

Andy Carlson

Superintendent, Havre Public School

"Havre Public Schools and the Montana Actors' Theater have a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.  In a small community like Havre, being able to collaborate and work with a group like MAT has such a profound impact on our students and school district.  Our performance arts program is a great source of pride for the Blue Ponies and MAT is a valued partner."

Karen Swenson

Havre City Council

"MAT provides creative, high quality theater experiences for all age groups. Community members and residents from the surrounding area enthusiastically support their productions. MAT is the cultural heart of our community."

Lindsey Ratliff

Havre City Council

"Montana Actors' Theatre has transformed the meaning of "community theatre" to me. MAT brings all walks of life to experience together laughter, crying, shock, exhilaration and empathy. No other community institution or group can achieve all of these things in one experience."

Pam Veis

Chair, Hill County Community Foundation

"As a citizen of Hill County for over 37 years, I've been fortunate to witness the growth and relevance that Montana Actors' Theatre has had in this region of Montana.  Since its inception, MAT has fostered creativity, volunteerism, free-expression and has had a significant cultural, social and economic impact in northcentral Montana."

Tim Leeds

Managing Editor, Havre Daily News

"In the two decades it has been producing performances in the area, Montana Actors' Theatre has become a substantial factor in the area, offering both the opportunity for thespians to act, write, direct and produce dramas, but also a regular and always-expanding opportunity for entertainment and cultural exposure to people in the area."

Kevin and Jody Hellegaard

Owners,  Dairy Queen of Havre

"MAT is special to the Hi Line of Montana. Where else can you find inexpensive live entertainment in a small community like this? We have always been a big supporter of Kids MAT. We see the result in the positive influence on the children involved. We have also been frequent attendees of various performances of MAT over the years.  Not every community is as lucky to have such a dedicated and talented group as MAT. The proof is in attending any performance, listen and watch the magic of live performance on the audience as well as the wide variety of performers from our own and talented community! Keep it up MAT!"

Terry Wright 

Heberly Engineering

"Our local theatre company, MAT, does a great job of promoting local theatre in Havre, MT.  They are genuinely interested in recruiting new actors, both adults and children alike.  MAT sponsors summer children's theater camp and youth productions, along with offering internship opportunities to college students and recent grads.  As Havre doesn't have an abundance of entertainment options, having MAT gives the community a reason to stick around town.  And, who knows, a budding actor may come out of Havre some day because of their tutorage."

Mike Evans

Owner, Valley Furniture

"All you have to do is go to MAT's Death by Chocolate fundraiser to see what their relevance is to this community. The event has grown to be one of The Events to attend each year in Havre. Great food, fellowship, theatre, and a great cause gets this event to sell out each year. The support of the event is a reflection of how so many in our area appreciate the top-quality performances that the MAT put on. Thank you MAT for all the hard work, and dedication it takes to keep Theatre, at a high level, alive on the Hi Line."

Tracy Job

Manager,Gary & Leo's IGA

"We are proud to support the MAT Theatre because your group provides a delightful unique form of entertainment that also encourages our local adults and youth to participate in a number of creative ways. In short, your team adds a positive attribute to our community."

John Carlson

Owner, Bullhook Realty

"My girls love the plays as well as our grandsons.  I think MAT really adds to the things available in our community for people to do, both for the actors involved and the audiences that watch.  We had some Realtor's up from Billings to teach a few Continuing Education classes and we took them to The Cabaret and they were very impressed that we had such a quality play available in a community of 9,000."

Lynn Steinmetz 

Havre Ford

"MAT has tremendous relevance to our community.  The word "community" in my understanding means to come together.  MAT facilitates this on every level.  I've been involved in MAT productions as part of the pit orchestra.  This has opened up opportunities to meet new people I otherwise would never know.  I am also a regular MAT patron.  In north central, small town Montana it is easy to assume we lack culture.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  I am in awe by all of the talent this community offers.  As a business we are proud to invest in MAT and will continue to do so."

Dominique Preputin

Owner, Western Drug Pharmacy

"Montana Actor's Theatre is an asset to our community, bringing arts to rural Montana and growing our own local talent in so many ways.  As a business owner in this community I have seen a huge return on investment in donations not only in my community but in my family, for my son has become very active in MAT and is thriving and growing because of what MAT brings to our community.  I believe our community greatly appreciates what MAT has brought which is shown by their support to the MAT program allowing it to offer an activity for our youth to perform and develop in the arts or to just enjoy theatre."

Doug Larson

Secretary, Havre Lions

"My wife and I have enjoyed many of the plays put on by MAT. We find that it is always an enjoyable night out. We have enjoyed their performances presented at our Lions Club Christmas parties and in return, we have enjoyed volunteering to help them at their performances. We greatly enjoy and appreciate everything about MAT."

Denise Ladenburg

Independence Bank

"Montana Actors' Theatre is such an important part of our community, perhaps now more than ever as we are just one of many small rural towns facing fewer services. To watch the talented cast members and production staff, from all walks of life, band together as a community to put together a fabulous production in just a matter of weeks is phenomenal.  The excitement and anticipation of the audience members gathering together to be entertained gives you a sense of pride in the community we are a part of and makes all the adversities we face just seem to disappear."