Arleen Rice

Arlene, a Havre native, joined the board in 2017. She has operated Hi-Line Chemical – a crop consultation business – for the past thirty years. She is married to Ed (manager at Frontline Ag Solutions). Her passions are the environment, family, horses, dogs, antiques and junking, and improving her mind and world each and every day.

Frank Munson

Frank joined the board in 2017 after watching his father, brother and various other family members on stage. He works at Triangle Telephone and has a special interest in the technical end of theatre.

Paul Tuss, Vice Chair

Paul joined the MAT board in 2017 after years as an avid audience member watching the rest of his family spend time on stage. Paul is the Executive Director of Bear Paw Development Corporation and serves on the Montana University System Board of Regents.

Ty Hedalen

Ty joined the MAT Board in December 2014. He has appeared in five main stage MAT productions and also performed in two Reader's Theatre events. Professionally, Ty is a Financial Analyst with Island Mountain Development Group in Billings. In his free time, he plays racquetball for Team Gearbox based in San Diego, enjoys reading about early NASA space flight programs, and travels great distances for the right concerts.Ty will complete his MBA through The University of Montana in the Spring of 2020.

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Lindsey Kellam, CFO

Lindsey has served on the MAT Board  since 2007. Employed by Scharfe, Kato & Co., Lindsey’s CPA skills are invaluable! Though she originally joined the Board on a temporary basis, she now realizes we aren’t ever letting her go.

Jeff Ralph, Chair

Jeff has been on the MAT board since 2014. He is the owner of the Havre McDonald’s and is very involved in the community. Jeff produces a youth show every year at St. Jude Thaddeus School, is an accomplished magician, and has been vital in planning MAT events.

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