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Mamma Mia cast

Angela Murri
as Donna

Angela saw the role of Donna and thought “my, my, how can I resist you.” She was free, so “I took a chance on me” getting a role. Angela has been in many shows, and was last seen in I am not My Mother. Her favorite role was the Beggar Woman in Sweeney Todd. Angela would like to thank her “honey, honey” Martin for his support, her family, and her son who is growing. “It’s a daunting role, but ‘knowing me it’s the best I can do.’”

Rachel Hutchison
as Tanya

Rachel is a 10-year MAT veteran and has been both on stage and behind the scenes as a director, stage manager, light technician and operator, musical director, and playwright. She was most recently seen as Rachel Crabbe in One Man, Two Guvnors. Her favorite roles include Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web, Roxie in Chicago, and in the title role in Mary Poppins. Rachel is grateful for such a vibrant community of artists to play with!

Bonnie Ortner
as Rosie

Bonnie is thrilled to be involved in Mamma Mia, her first musical ever! She has thoroughly enjoyed being involved in past MAT productions of Steel Magnolias and Rugburns, and looks forward to future roles with MAT. Even though she was raised on Waylon, Willie, and Hank, Sr., Bonnie also digs disco and she thanks Angela Pratt, who was willing to “Take a Chance” and cast her as Rosie in this show.

Julea Robbins
as Sophie

Julea Robbins is excited to take the stage again after 5 years of exclusively working on set design and backstage help for MAT. Julea is the Executive Director of the Chamber and loves spending time with her husband Colton and one year old daughter Ellie. Julea started with MAT at the young age of 8 when she was an extra in A Christmas Carol (2005), since then she has been in numerous shows and musicals including her favorite role as Helen in Hollywood Arms and as Judith in Equivocation. Julea would like to thank her parents for pushing her to get back on the stage and most of all she would like to thank her ever loving and supportive husband for being her rock and driving force and for cleaning the house while she has been at play practice.

Hannah Bricker
as Ali

Hannah has been involved in theatre since her freshman year of high school. She was most recently seen on the MAT stage as Jack in the Christmas Panto, Jack and the Beanstalk Her favorite role was Morticia in The Addams Family at Havre High. She enjoys theatre, ice cream making and herding sheep in her free time.

Rory Beth Everingham

Roman Conder
as Sky

Roman is from Boise, Idaho and came to Havre to play football for Montana State University-Northern. After getting hurt, the only other thing conceivable to him on what to do was to join local theatre. He is making his theatre debut in Mamma Mia and is excited to participate and “have a ton of fun.”

Clayton Twombly
as Pepper

Anthony Borowiecki
as Eddie

Mamma Mia is Anthony’s first show with MAT, but he has been involved in the Havre High School theater for two years now. He was most recently seen in The Addams Family as Uncle Fester. His other credits include Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid and roles in Havre High’s one act shows. He is a senior at Havre High School and plans to pursue a degree in Music Education in college. He would like to thank his family for dealing with him and his complicated agenda.

Jay Pyette
as Harry

Jay Pyette is the Executive Director for the Montana Actors’ Theatre and has been with the company since its founding in 1992. As an actor, some of his favorite roles include Katurian in The Pillowman, Donny in The Lieutenant of Inishmore, and Shag in Equivocation. Last MAT season, Jay directed Death of a Salesman and played the title role in Cyrano de Bergerac. He also reprised the role of Larry in God Help Us! with Ed Asner on the Billings Studio Theatre’s stage. This coming July, Jay will work with Mr. Asner again on the stages of the Fort Peck Summer Theatre and the Whitefish Theatre Company. Jay also serves on the Executive Committee of the Montana Arts’ Council. He wishes to extend his extreme gratitude to this awesome community that continually supports the arts!

Casey Pratt
as Sam

Gone are the days when Casey could play the “young handsome lover” roles. Although he’s not sure those days ever existed. Casey joined MAT in 2006 and has participated in several shows as an actor, director, and all around techie. This season Casey has stepped into a new role as the Production Manager. He was most recently seen as Charlie “Charlie the Duck” Clench in One Man, Two Guvnors. He is married to the “most beautiful most talented woman” he’s ever met and they have six talented children He has been working on the challenging yet rewarding role of Grandpa to his 1 year old granddaughter!

Patrick Ulano
as Bill

Patrick started with MAT back in December of 2010 as Creon in Antigone, and has enjoyed working on stage, in the booth, and directing. He was most recently seen as Stanley Stubbers in One Man, Two Guvnors and his favorite roles have been Creon, Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, and Barry in the Boys Next Door. He is glad to get a chance to act with his wife the talented Rachel Hutchison in this and the next show.

Amanda Knutson

Amanda Knutson has enjoyed being apart of MAT since 2014 with a ensemble roll in Chicago. Since then, if it was a musical she was probably there. If not on stage then playing the French Horn in the orchestra. She has enjoyed being a chorus member in Mama Mia this winter, and is excited for what might be coming in future seasons. She would like to thank her awesome kids and husband for helping her practice her songs very loudly in the living room.

Sabriel Combs

Michelene Edwards

Adam Ketchum

Angela Messinger

Angela moved from Arizona to Havre in 2015 with her husband and four children. She has been involved in MAT since 2016 and has participated in Jesus Christ Superstar, Mary Poppins, Sweeney Todd, and Sister Act in her favorite role as Sister Mary Patrick. She has enjoyed being involved in MAT and is excited to be in Mamma Mia. She looks forward to being in other MAT productions.

Dever Everingham

Dever has been involved in MAT since he was 4 years old. He has participated in several KidsMAT camps, The Wind in the Willows, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charlotte’s Web, and Cinderella. He was most recently seen as Squire Natobed in the Christmas Panto Jack and the Beanstalk. His favorite role was that of Ponyboy in The Outsiders.

Narrator/Wonka-Bill Chambers
Charlie Bucket-Jonah Nixdorf
Mrs. Bucket-Madison Reber
Mr. Bucket-Dentin DePriest
Grandpa Joe-Ben Hall
Augustus Gloop-Trish Williams Ferry
Mrs. Gloop-Sam Ferry
Violet Beauregarde-Kim Nixdorf
Mrs. Beauregarde-Maddy Hagen
Veruca Salt-Amy McClenahan
Mr. Salt-Izzy Hagen
Mrs. Salt-Tyley Hemmer
Mike Teavee– Donte Simpkins
Mrs. Teavee-Liam Edwards
Mr. Teavee-Dever Everingham
Grandma Josephine-Tyley Hemmer
Grandpa George-Koby Preputin
Grandma Georgina-Haley Gandenberger
Oompa-Loompas-Clara Haslem, King Jackson, Carinna Kline,Treasure Squires,  Marlee Thivierge
Candy Makers-Dentin DePriest, Charles Jackson, Madison Reber
Squirrels-Dentin DePriest, Haley Gandenberger, Charles Jackson, Koby Preputin, Madison Reber

Elijah – Barry M Brownlee​
Sophie – Serena Dawson​
Marcy – Andi Daniel​
Scott – Patrick Ulano​
Great Tiku – Anjanett Hawk​
Emma – Sami Brownlee​

Donna – Angela L Murri
Tanya – Rachel Hutchison
Rosie – Bonnie Ortner
Sophie – Julea Robbins
Ali – Hannah Bricker
Lisa – Rory Beth Everingham
Sky – TBA
Pepper – Clayton Twombly
Eddie – Anthony Borowiecki
Harry – Jay Pyette
Sam – Casey Pratt
Bill – Patrick Ulano

Chorus: Amanda Knutson, Sabriel Combs, Michelene Edwards, Jamie Chambers, Adam Ketchum, Angela Messinger, Deanne Stevenson
Backstage/Tech crew: Angela Twombly, Marie Jund, Isaac Golhahn, Erin Virts


Charlie ‘Charlie the Duck’ Clench- Casey Pratt
Pauline Clench- Samantha French
Harry Dangle- Martin Holt
Alan Dangle- Richard Williamson
Dolly- Jamie Lynn Chambers
Lloyd Boateng- Donte’ Simpkins
Francis- Dr. Grant Olson
Rachel Crabbe- Rachel Hutchison
Stanley Stubbers- Patrick Ulano
Gareth, et al- Wakefield Guyant
Alfie- Jordan Lamphier
Additional Roles: Megan Blauwkamp, Mindy Smith-Langel, MaryBeth Blankenship, Dolan Tuss

Live music provided by Steeds:  Matt Springer, Robert Jerry Bergren, Jr., Dane MaCrae, A.J. Rucinsky, Zach Paulus


Director: Audrey Barger
Assistant Director and Dramaturg: Dr. Valerie Guyant
Deputy Stage Manager and Costume Designer: Crysta Robinson
Assistant Stage Manager: Gryphon Guyant
Set Design: Julea Robbins
Set Construction: Casey Pratt, Jay Pyette, Theatre 105 Class
Scenic Painting: Julea Robbins, Angela Pratt, Robin Thompson, Brooke Kline
Costumes and Props: Angela Pratt
Special Effects Makeup: Dani Eldridge
Choreography: Lindsay Lorang
Lighting Design: Dr. Grant Olson
Light Board Operator: Morgaine Evans-Lomayevsa
Sound Engineer and Sound Board Operation: Chancin Solomon

Daisy the Cow –
-Head – Marlee Thivierge
-Butt – Carinna Kline
Jack- Hannah Bricker
Dame Trott – Joshua Gomez
The Simons – Austin “Jimmy” Nelson
Fairy Florinda– Andi Daniel
Schnoz – Koby Preputin
Mayor Sullymange – Derek Eldridge
Maggie Sullymange – Jordan Rader
Other Daughter Sullymange – Rory Beth Everingham
Old Humberdunk – Ben Hall
Dashing Dan Dinkley – Wakefield Guyant
Squire – Dever Everingham
Giant’s Daughter –Tehya Vauthier
Singing Harp – Tyley Hemmer
Domino the Chicken – Lena Whitford
Marysue Davis
Emily Marsh
Presley Frost
Finley McKeon-Hanson

Head shots provided by Teresa Getten Photography.

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