24 Hour Play Festival Happening Soon

The 24 Hour Play Festival takes place over two nights.  On the first, the audience and the theatre crew all gather for a social gathering.  At this gathering the writers, directors and actors are randomly placed on teams.  One writer, one director and an equal number of actors.  A headline is then randomly drawn from a collection of newspapers.  This ends the first night for the audience.

The writer then has until 8 am the next morning to write a script centering on the headline and utilizing the actors he/she has been assigned.  At 8, the script goes to the director and the cast who have until 8 pm that night to rehearse the script.

At 8 pm, the audience returns to see the “shows.” Each play runs approximately 15-20 minutes. MAT would like to have a minimum of five writers and directors and 25-30 actors involved, but a prior commitment is required.

The 24 Hour Play Festival Drawing November 16th
Location: TBD

The 24 Hour Play Festival Performances November 17th

MSUN/MAT Theatre

Sign up here or
contact Jay @ 945-0272 or pyettej@yahoo.com.