Thanks to everyone who made our Ren Faire Possible!

Bear Paw Mountain Outfitters
Gary and Leo's IGA
Charlie's Heating and Air


Havre Jaycees
Peak Supply
The Atchison Family
Malley's Repair, Remodel, & Paint
Tilleman Motor Company
Custom Collision Repair
BriCo Creative
Holiday Village Mall
Beaver Creek Park
Hill County Search and Rescue
Bear Paw Volunteer Fire Department


Lady Saxifraga Decora Tarot
Havre-Hill County Library
Bits ‘n Bones
Eclectically Kept
Ello amulets
RBM Candles
Charming creations
Enchanting Elegance

Spirit Fox Designs by Erin Dawn
Woodwick Woolens
Bee Design
Made by Mer
Honey Mountain Floral
Living the Leaf
Ni-wahs Kitchen
Sunnyside Theatre Club
Goblin Hoard Creatives


Jodys Jems
Sugar and Dice
Sow and Cow
Family-First Feeding (Nurturing Mothers)
Hi-Line Hues
Sabrina's Little Witchy Things
Medieval Icy
The wand weavers den


KidsMAT Registration Now Open!


5-8 year olds
June 10-13 & July 29-August 1

9-11 year olds
June 10-13 & July 15-18

12-14 year olds
July 15-18 & July 29-August 1



June 17-20


June 24-27

Fort Benton

August 5-8