Shakespeare out of the box: Whose Bard is it Anyway?

For Shakespeare’s birth(and death)day, April 23, MAT is again looking to celebrate the Bard of Avon in a creative way. Last year we hosted a livestream event featuring monologues or scenes from every play Shakespeare wrote – with a few poems thrown in to boot. They were performed by current and former MAT actors literally around the globe, we had actors in Australia, England, New York, Huston, L.A., Missoula, Sidney (MT) and of course Havre (to name a few).

This year we wanted to do something a little bit different… but first a little background. Dr. Valerie Guyant and Dr. Grant Olson were having a little conversation about Shakespeare, and began wondering – what sort of lives would Shakespeare’s characters have outside of the events of the scripts they were created in? Then the question became – what if Hamlet could have a chat with Romeo?

So that is the basis for this year’s Shakespeare Project:

MAT  provided teams with character descriptions of one of Shakespeare’s well-known characters for each of the actors and scripts for each of the plays that the characters appeared.

Teams developed scenarios in which these characters could possibly encounter each other and filmed the scenes.


Watch all of the scenes live on our

YouTube Channel April 23 at 7pm!


youth workshops

Youth Activities Director, Angela Pratt, has designed a program specifically for youth to expand their knowledge and skills in theatre.

Workshops meet on Mondays and Wednesdays 4pm-6pm at the Creative Leisure Building


May Topic
Intro to Classical Theatre, Shakespeare, and Stage Fighting

These workshops are open to youth in grades 6-12.
Cost is $50/monthly session of 8 workshops.

There is a $15 discount for each additional child in the family and scholarships are available.

For more details about the youth projects, please visit our Youth Programs page.


March 13, 2021

Greetings MAT Family and Friends!

This has been a very difficult year for live art – but MAT is waiting in the wings to get back on stage. We have managed to create a few events in the last year to keep things going, including: A birthday party for Shakespeare with performers around the globe performing excerpts from all 38 of the plays attributed to the Bard of Stratford. We were also able to safely conduct our Children’s Theatre Camps and Youth Production of The Wizard of OZ over the summer. We worked with KNMC to host a few livestream music events (right from the taverna on Kalokairi). We even managed to produce and livestream our annual 24-hour play festival.

In February, under the direction of Angela Pratt, MAT launched a new after school theatre training program for middle-school and high-school aged students. We have worked with the Hill-County Health Department to create a safe environment while we teach some essential theatre skills to our younger members.


Looking to the future, MAT is planning another fun online event for Shakespeare’s Birthday on the 23rd of April. Sticking with the most famous playwright in the English language, MAT is planning on producing its first full-length production of a play by Shakespeare in over seven years. This June we intend on creating a live outdoor production of the hilarious comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where the community can safely see some live theatre under the Big Sky of Northern Montana. 

We are also still planning on moving forward with our Children’s Theatre Camps and Youth Production this summer following all appropriate protocols to ensure the safety of our students and Interns. We are still working out how we can revive Ticked-off and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with as many of the original cast members as possible. Additionally, we are tentatively planning on opening Mamma Mia! this September with as many of the original cast as possible – but we are pretty sure some roles will have to be filled. We are so deeply thankful for all of the support, and the generous donations that you have given us to keep us going. MAT sees some light at the end of the tunnel, so we ask you all to remain vigilant and soon we will be able to see you all again.
Thank you
Grant Olson
Artistic Director
Montana Actors’ Theatre

Lyrics by Angela Murri Performed by cast members of MAT’s production of Mamma Mia coming soon!

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    Tara Zuelke Avatar Tara Zuelke
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    March 27, 2019

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