Cast List – Jack and the Beanstalk

Daisy the Cow –
-Head – Marlee Thivierge
-Butt – Carinna Kline
Jack- Hannah Bricker
Dame Trott – Joshua Gomez
The Simons – Ethan Davison
Fairy Florindina– Andi Daniel
Schnoz – Koby Preputin
Mayor Sullymange – Derek Eldridge
Maggie Sullymange – Jordan Raider
Other Daughter Sullymange – Rory Beth Everingham
Old Humberdunk – Ben Hall
Dashing Dan Dinkley – Wakefield Guyant
Squire – Dever Everingham
Thunderbunz – The entire cast will contribute to creating this
Giant’s Daughter -Tehya Vauthier
Singing Harp – Tyley Hemmer
Domino the Chicken – Lena Whitford
Marysue Davis
Emily Marsh
Presley Frost
Finley McKeon-Hanson

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